From Brazil to California: Professionals take educational journey to gain U.S. career opportunities

Brazilian professionals gain US career opportunities through UCSD Extension International Programs Business Certificate programs

UC San Diego Extension

by Melissa Jones

The decision to jump on a corporate jet to interview in San Francisco at the headquarters of one of the fastest growing communications companies in California wasn’t an easy one.

Instead, it was part of an ongoing transformational journey that began in Curitiba, Brazil, where Amadeu dos Santos made the decision to learn U.S. business practices.

Amadeu dos Santos Junior Amadeu dos Santos

“In Brazil, I worked for a fast-paced telecom company where things moved along so quickly, it was a great work experience and even though I was in a consistent position in my career I knew that something had to be done in order to continuously grow” said dos Santos.

Understanding the abrupt nature of business environments, he knew it would soon be necessary to learn about the U.S. business culture to gain global perspective and earn the potential to advance within the human resources profession.

Following a recent…

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