Taiwan high school students get glimpse of U.S. college life through UC San Diego Extension’s Academic Connections Program

UC San Diego’s Extension Academic Connections International hosts Taiwan high school students to campus for a university immersion experience.

UC San Diego Extension

By Andrea Siedsma

aciwashingtonhigh3Irene Lin, a shy 16-year-old, sits down at the table and smiles wide, her braces glistening and her face beaming with excitement. It’s her first time away from home – Taichung, a popular city in central Taiwan known for its rich culture, lush landscapes and historic landmarks.

Lin is at UC San Diego with 21 of her classmates from Washington High School – located in the mountains outside Taichung – as part of the charter school’s Overseas Preparatory Program. The students are participating in a first-time program between their school and UC San Diego Extension’s Academic Connections, a pre-college program that connects high achieving high school students with a variety of college-level courses led by graduate students in a wide array of academic disciplines, as well as renown UC San Diego faculty researchers.

The new U.S. Business Studies Program, part of Academic Connections International, is…

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