“Amazing things happen in our classrooms.” – Lisa Naylor

Lisa Naylor, Instructor for the Medical English and Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Professional Certificate

Lisa Naylor has taught at the UC San Diego Extension English Language Institute for over 20 years and she still feels a surge of pride about her role and gains inspiration from her students.

“I’ve always been fascinated with how people from different cultures communicate with each other, and how our languages are formed,” Lisa said. “Even now, I find that the longer I teach, the more I enjoy it.”

Since Lisa arrived at UC San Diego, she authored two books of idioms, Join the Club:  Idioms for Academic and Social Success and Join the Club—Book 2.  Lisa’s diverse areas of expertise span from pronunciation improvement and English pedagogy to multimedia curriculum development and medical terminology.  Ms. Naylor holds a B.A. in French literature from Cal State Fullerton and a master’s in applied linguistics from San Diego State University.

“Lisa pours her heart and soul into her work,” exclaimed Roxanne Nuhaily, executive director of International Programs at UC San Diego Extension, “when she initiates a project, she works tirelessly and passionately to see it through to completion.”

Around ten years ago, Lisa founded the English Language Institute’s 4-week Medical English program for prospective and current medical practitioners, which she still teaches today.  Lisa continuously expands her network in the healthcare field to meet excellent guest speakers and find interesting opportunities for her students.

Kim Gonzalez, the Teaching English as a Foreign Language program coordinator professed, “Lisa loves her students and is aware of what they need.  She is very student-centered.”

Wise people say that the best way to do great work is to love the work you do.  For Lisa Naylor, this is certainly true. “Teaching English is a great career for me. I’ve always loved different languages, so you could say that teaching English came very naturally to me.”

Proficient in Spanish, French, and Japanese, Lisa first fulfilled her adventurous spirit in her 20s, when she would treat herself to at least one out-of-country adventure a year.  Even now, after 20 years teaching at the UC San Diego Extension English Language Institute, her interest in engaging with people from around the world is stronger than ever.

“It’s such a great thing to be in a classroom with people from different countries and everybody’s learning and getting along,” Lisa said. “It gives me hope for the world, it really does. Amazing things happen in our classrooms.”

Want to take a class with Lisa Naylor? Check out the Medical English and TEFL Professional Certificate programs at ip.extension.ucsd.edu or contact us for more information!

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