Learning to teach English, by Makoto Kawamura


My goal is to become an English teacher in Japan.  The TEFL Professional Certificate at UC San Diego Extension International Programs helps me create lesson plans focusing on speaking, reading, writing, and listening.  Because many of the teaching methods covered are not common in my country, I am constantly learning new ways of teaching.  I am majoring in Korean language at my university in Japan.  When I return to Osaka, I plan to get a teaching license for teaching Korean as well as English.  Many of the techniques I am learning in the TEFL Professional Certificate will help me teach not only English, but other languages as well.

I highly recommend the TEFL Professional Certificate to prospective teachers and ESL students.  Students without teaching experience can become ready to be a teacher and students who already have teaching experience can modify and improve their teaching methods.  ESL students who have not decided to be a teacher can still develop their English skills in many TEFL classes.


TEFL Professional Certificate classes are remarkably interesting.  Plus, there are events for all Extension International Programs students, so I have been able to find many friends who are taking other programs.

-Makoto Kawamura

TEFL Proficiency and TEFL Professional Certificate student



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