Medical English: Unique and useful for future doctor

by Toshiyuki Nakashini

Toshi Nakashiki 4

I loved the atmosphere at UC San Diego Extension International Programs, especially in my Medical English classes.  All the students showed great willingness to learn and we asked the teachers numerous questions during class.  Most of the questions were very interesting to me and sometimes so controversial that we seriously discussed them.  I found these open discussions really precious because I had never experienced them in Japan.

One of my goals for the future is to work as a doctor in the U.S.  The Medical English program has helped me come closer to achieving this goal.  Through this course, I learned about America’s medical services in-person.  For example, many health care providers were guest speakers in the program and we also visited several hospitals in San Diego on field trips.

Although unrelated to my studies, playing soccer with local UC San Diego students was one of the most enjoyable experiences during my time in San Diego.  There are several turf fields around the UC San Diego campus and a lot of sports communities.  It was a great change of pace to belong to one of them and make some American friends.

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