Medical English: Unique and useful for future doctor

by Toshiyuki Nakashini

Toshi Nakashiki 4

I loved the atmosphere at UC San Diego Extension International Programs, especially in my Medical English classes.  All the students showed great willingness to learn and we asked the teachers numerous questions during class.  Most of the questions were very interesting to me and sometimes so controversial that we seriously discussed them.  I found these open discussions really precious because I had never experienced them in Japan.

One of my goals for the future is to work as a doctor in the U.S.  The Medical English program has helped me come closer to achieving this goal.  Through this course, I learned about America’s medical services in-person.  For example, many health care providers were guest speakers in the program and we also visited several hospitals in San Diego on field trips.

Although unrelated to my studies, playing soccer with local UC San Diego students was one of the most enjoyable experiences during my time in San Diego.  There are several turf fields around the UC San Diego campus and a lot of sports communities.  It was a great change of pace to belong to one of them and make some American friends.

“We all make up humankind and nothing else denies this fact.” – Raheel Alnemer

Raheel Alnemer preparing for her Closing Ceremony speech, and a Spring 2016 UC San Diego ELI Graduate.

Since I came to San Diego, I have never felt homesick. I have never felt a huge change in the environment or the atmosphere I moved to. However, coming here was never a wrong decision because I actually felt a change–and that change was in me.


I am standing here today to briefly share one of the most valuable lessons I have learned from this journey, and I know I will continue to learn from it.

Even though I spent more than a year studying English at the same place, I have learned a lesson that I had not learned before. I learned this lesson by meeting all of you – my peers – from different parts of the world. This lesson is accepting each other the way we are, because sometimes people may not have a choice in their lives. It all depends on how a person was raised and what that person was taught. Don’t be quick to judge a person because this may be the way they were raised.

Here is an example.  A friend of mine loved eating pancakes with sunny side up eggs, but his friend would eat cereal with yogurt. These two persons thought of each others habit as weird and unacceptable. These people were raised on different styles, so they could not conceive of another breakfast food.

Obviously, the point of the story is not breakfast food.  I ask you to think deeply about how we are all different, even in the small details, and that we all have this right to be different.  Different histories and different cultures can affect a person’s personality and beliefs. I pray five times a day, and some of you believe in other practices, whether they are related to religion or not.  And all of that is never a shame.  The lesson I’m trying to say is: different cultures, different traditions, different beliefs, different religions, yet we are all humans.

Actually, thinking more about it, all races, all religions, and all nationalities agree on one thing: Peacefulness and Freedom.

So, whether you are continuing on at UC San Diego English Language Institute (ELI) or continuing on to a new venture in your life, remember to interact with people from different races, cultures, or religions. Try to be more flexible by assimilating with different cultures and accepting them.  We all make up humankind and nothing else denies this fact.


In closing, I would sincerely like to thank my ELI teachers and my fellow students for being part of my lesson.  To my friends – thank you for being more than brothers and sisters throughout this experience.  I’m really looking forward to seeing all of you in high positions in the future.


Thank you.

Raheel Alnemer

Closing Ceremony Speech  Spring 2016


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UC San Diego ELI é destaque no e-book Estudar Fora

ChileanSTudents_2016UC San Diego é destaque no e-book organizado pelo site brasileiro Estudar Fora (Fundação Estudar) sobre cursos de idiomas oferecidos em universidades. Veja a matéria completa aqui:

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Why Ana chose UC San Diego’s English Language Institute (ELI) for her study abroad destination.

Ana Paula da Silva page 5
Ana Paula da Silva, Brazil

“I am so glad that I studied at UC San Diego’s English Language Institute (ELI). The Academic English program has a variety of courses that have been a great support for the improvement of my English proficiency. Studying at ELI has given me the opportunity to come into direct contact and create friendships with other students from different cultures.” – Ana Paula

UC San Diego’s Intensive Academic English program is for all levels of English language proficiency. From the very beginning to the most advanced levels of English proficiency, the Intensive Academic English program will help you to improve your academic reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, and editing skills to be successful in all academic settings.

In addition to improving your academic skills, you may take electives such as TOEFL and IELTS preparation, Fluency and Presentation Skills, Pronunciation and Fluency, and have access to Academic Advisors who will help you to investigate and apply to U.S. universities. For details, download the International Programs brochure.

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Universal Studios

Universal Studios

Saturday, February 23, 2013, join your fellow international students and go to Universal Studios. At Universal Studios you can look behind the scenes of your favorite American movies! There are also rides, shows, shops, etc.!

PRICE: $75 (includes admission and transportation)

* To purchase tickets you must show your paper ISS ID card at the ticket window. The ticket window is located in Building E at UCSD Extension and is open on Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 11:30 am – 1:30 pm. Tickets go fast – don’t wait!