“We all make up humankind and nothing else denies this fact.” – Raheel Alnemer

Raheel Alnemer preparing for her Closing Ceremony speech, and a Spring 2016 UC San Diego ELI Graduate.

Since I came to San Diego, I have never felt homesick. I have never felt a huge change in the environment or the atmosphere I moved to. However, coming here was never a wrong decision because I actually felt a change–and that change was in me.


I am standing here today to briefly share one of the most valuable lessons I have learned from this journey, and I know I will continue to learn from it.

Even though I spent more than a year studying English at the same place, I have learned a lesson that I had not learned before. I learned this lesson by meeting all of you – my peers – from different parts of the world. This lesson is accepting each other the way we are, because sometimes people may not have a choice in their lives. It all depends on how a person was raised and what that person was taught. Don’t be quick to judge a person because this may be the way they were raised.

Here is an example.  A friend of mine loved eating pancakes with sunny side up eggs, but his friend would eat cereal with yogurt. These two persons thought of each others habit as weird and unacceptable. These people were raised on different styles, so they could not conceive of another breakfast food.

Obviously, the point of the story is not breakfast food.  I ask you to think deeply about how we are all different, even in the small details, and that we all have this right to be different.  Different histories and different cultures can affect a person’s personality and beliefs. I pray five times a day, and some of you believe in other practices, whether they are related to religion or not.  And all of that is never a shame.  The lesson I’m trying to say is: different cultures, different traditions, different beliefs, different religions, yet we are all humans.

Actually, thinking more about it, all races, all religions, and all nationalities agree on one thing: Peacefulness and Freedom.

So, whether you are continuing on at UC San Diego English Language Institute (ELI) or continuing on to a new venture in your life, remember to interact with people from different races, cultures, or religions. Try to be more flexible by assimilating with different cultures and accepting them.  We all make up humankind and nothing else denies this fact.


In closing, I would sincerely like to thank my ELI teachers and my fellow students for being part of my lesson.  To my friends – thank you for being more than brothers and sisters throughout this experience.  I’m really looking forward to seeing all of you in high positions in the future.


Thank you.

Raheel Alnemer

Closing Ceremony Speech  Spring 2016


We could use more people in the world like Raheel. Thank you, Raheel, for choosing UC San Diego ELI as your study abroad destination. Are you a wonderful student like Raheel? We’d like to meet you and welcome you to campus. Contact us!

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Professional Certificate Program Offered Online!

shutterstock_116494684Unable to take a full 6 months off to complete UC San Diego Extension’s Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Professional Certificate program? Good news! Now, you can complete 12 units of the 27-unit program online, from your home country, and 15 units here, at UC San Diego.

You read that right! The following four required core TEFL Professional Certificate courses (12 units) are now available online, and may be completed before or after your studies here, at UC San Diego:

  • Best Methods in Teaching Listening Skills (3 units)
  • Teaching Writing for Academic and Professional Purposes (3 units)
  • Theories and Methods of Language Teaching and Learning (3 units)
  • Theory and Methods of Reading Instruction (3 units)

To receive the official Professional Certificate in TEFL, students must complete all 27 units within one year.

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Teach(ing) English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) for the Adventure of a Lifetime!

Takahiro Yamamoto page 22
Yakahiro Yamamoto, Japan

“My goal is to be an English teacher who can effectively teach communication skills. The traditional English education style in Japan focuses primarily on grammar and reading; I would like to integrate listening and speaking so that my students can communicate well in English. During the Professional Certificate in TEFL program, I had many opportunities to demonstrate an English class based on a lesson plan that I had developed. After each demonstration, the instructors gave me very helpful feedback, which made me a more competent and confident future English teacher. I strongly recommend this program both to students who already have experience teaching and to students with no experience teaching.” – Yakahiro Yamamoto

UC San Diego Extension’s Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Professional Certificate Program trains teachers to teach English as a second language to ESL/EFL students around the world or in their local community. UC San Diego Extension’s TEFL Certificate programs offers online and in-class courses which provide specialized training and skills to future teachers interested in teaching English in the U.S. or overseas.

The TEFL Professional Certificate Program courses offers the unique opportunity for international students to study side-by-side with American students, while focusing on applied linguistics and refining skills and methodologies for teaching the core language skills such as grammar, listening, pronunciation and fluency, speaking, writing, reading, and theory. Our TEFL Practicum course offers the chance to observe teacher trainer classrooms and develop and deliver a portfolio of effective lessons plans.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) students who are interested in specializing in the field of TEFL, may take Teaching English to the Young Learner (TEYL) Certificate Program or courses specializing in teaching English to kindergarten, elementary, and middle school-aged (K-12) children. These courses include field trips to local schools (if available) and teacher specialty stores such as Lakeshore to obtain the latest and most effective education material.

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