Teach(ing) English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) for the Adventure of a Lifetime!

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Yakahiro Yamamoto, Japan

“My goal is to be an English teacher who can effectively teach communication skills. The traditional English education style in Japan focuses primarily on grammar and reading; I would like to integrate listening and speaking so that my students can communicate well in English. During the Professional Certificate in TEFL program, I had many opportunities to demonstrate an English class based on a lesson plan that I had developed. After each demonstration, the instructors gave me very helpful feedback, which made me a more competent and confident future English teacher. I strongly recommend this program both to students who already have experience teaching and to students with no experience teaching.” – Yakahiro Yamamoto

UC San Diego Extension’s Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Professional Certificate Program trains teachers to teach English as a second language to ESL/EFL students around the world or in their local community. UC San Diego Extension’s TEFL Certificate programs offers online and in-class courses which provide specialized training and skills to future teachers interested in teaching English in the U.S. or overseas.

The TEFL Professional Certificate Program courses offers the unique opportunity for international students to study side-by-side with American students, while focusing on applied linguistics and refining skills and methodologies for teaching the core language skills such as grammar, listening, pronunciation and fluency, speaking, writing, reading, and theory. Our TEFL Practicum course offers the chance to observe teacher trainer classrooms and develop and deliver a portfolio of effective lessons plans.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) students who are interested in specializing in the field of TEFL, may take Teaching English to the Young Learner (TEYL) Certificate Program or courses specializing in teaching English to kindergarten, elementary, and middle school-aged (K-12) children. These courses include field trips to local schools (if available) and teacher specialty stores such as Lakeshore to obtain the latest and most effective education material.

Whether you are looking to begin a new career, change a career, live and work abroad, desire to travel, or volunteer in your local community, our TEFL certificate programs will help you to become a successful, resourceful, and confident English teacher in any educational setting.

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